Does BirdShack charge any royalty fees?

No. BirdShack does not charge any royalty fees.

Does BirdShack charge any franchise fees?

No. BirdShack does not charge any franchise fees. BirdShack is not a franchise program.

What makes BirdShack a standout foodservice program for retailers?

BirdShack keeps it simple for retailers. BirdShack understands that convenience store operators know their customers best. The program is flexible, providing retailers with options for delivering a craveable fried chicken experience to their customers.

Does BirdShack require operators to purchase a full program, including equipment?

BirdShack has a fresh approach to a fresh fried chicken program. There are multiple ways to build your own BirdShack. Contact the team and let us guide you through your options.

Can I order BirdShack items directly from BirdShack?

Not at this time but drop us a line and we will let you know how to get started.

Is BirdShack only for convenience store operators?

No. BirdShack is the flexible fried chicken program for foodservice operators, regardless of the venue.
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